Momentum Savings and Investment Solutions

Start saving your money with Momentum. Flexible, tax efficient investment products available in South Africa include:

  • Investo - an investment platform designed to cater for your investment needs in the pre-retirement phase of your life. Choose from a comprehensive range of investment funds
  • Momentum Wealth - access customised and innovative investing products and services through all stages of your life, whether you are looking for growth, income or capital preservation
  • My Savings portfolio - by investing as little as R500 a month you can make an impact on your future with this all-in-one solution designed to meet your retirement savings, child education, and lifestyle needs
  • Momentum Growth Enhancer - an innovative solution providing enhanced growth on a globally diversified investment offering all the predictability of a cash investment, with the added benefit of enhanced market-linked returns.

Our offerings

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My Savings Portfolio
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Momentum Wealth
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Momentum Growth Enhancer
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